CMS vs Framework in web development

Certainly there have been a lot of argument between the CMS as well as framework technology that which is the best. But there are some basic things that you have to think before you choose any framework or a CMS in my personal opinion:Building a website from scratch is an intense hard working. Now-a-days a huge number of people are using CMS and frameworks to build their website within very short period of time by spending less money. But, when you use the terminology Framework or CMS most of the clients and newbie developer got confused. So, let's find out the difference and which one is best for you - CMS CMS abbreviation content management system is a framework that based on the modules rather than code. It is a Web Application for managing web content. Anyone can handle a CMS without knowing a single line of code. In other words, a CMS defines numerous categories of content like media, text etc. and allows a user to add, edit and manage the content through a simple user inter…

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